Sunday, June 10, 2007

1 Week Later

Well it's been 1 week since i updated my blog and started my job. i've been kinda busy
Work had me on training for stuff that i already knew, but they still send me on training, they wasted money.. well i now have a work desk that is mine, and i have 2 computers on it, and have put a model of my 2nd fav car on the desk a AE86 baby.. i'm trying to find a very nice model of a Honda S2000. (my fav car). and i have been busy fixing other peoples computer and genereal visits to see people.. most my girlfriend. lol, but she was away this weekend, and i was unsure of what to do.

so i ended up going to a mates house on saturday night and having a few beers and letting $160 worth of fireworks off , which one of them hit me in the leg and then went off with a bang, it hurt my eyes and my ears but mostly my leg.. i hurt but was kinda funny, my mate did not set it up right, and just before that happened, one went onto the road, and went off as a car drove past, the car got hit with pretty lights... it was fun, but could have been better if my girlfriend was there. she went away for the long weekend..

it's 11:40pm and i'm still up fixing computers and cleaning, i should goto bed soon, as i'm spending the day with my GF, but i have no money or petrol so i'm unsure of what to do.... (you will soon learn that i never have petrol ++ but that is going to change, it has too)

well i'm sorry to tell you this but i think i should finsh what i'm cleaning and then goto bed..

Night Night

Jason. Th3. G33K


jun said...

I'm back now.
I wanted to enjoy fire works too...
But it's OK.
Because we can enjoy it next weekend!!
I can't wait for the coast...!!

Jason said...

Jason -> Jun
Yes.. We can Enjoy the coast and fireworks together.. i'm glad your back.. Missed ya..