Friday, August 17, 2007

Long Time

It's be a very Long Time, crazy i've been working everyday mon-fri and on weekends relazing, there is not much time for anything else... so i have been a bit slack on my blog!!, so i thought i would write and tell you i'm still here,

Works been crazy! and i just found out that i might not go up my Pay Rise for a few more months, not due to me being bad at my job**(which i have been told i'm really good at it)** but about 1 month ago i lost my mentor! the guy that is meant to help me, well he has moved to a new job so i dont have a mentor, and they are meant to write stuff about how i'm going, well becaues he has been gone, noone has writen anything so know one knows if i should go up... so i'm a little upset.... because they said 3months, and 3 months is almost over.. and i could do with the pay rise, as i left my other job for this one, and took a pay decrease for 3months, so i have no money... so as soon as i get my pay rise, i'm saving for a Bond for a house, as 2 of my mates and i are going to move out, and they are waiting for me to get the bond... but because of work, i have not been able to save!

at the same time as that, i'm really want to buy a Dreamcast! yes i know they are old, but as you know i'm a G33K **(GEEK)** and i like hardware, and i'm heard you can run linux on it, and i really wanna play some of the old games on it, so i think it will be fun

oh. one of my mates is getting a new projector fro his house, and he is going to sell me his old one for $100.... so cheap. only thing is that it will need a new bulb, which is about $600... but the price i pay for it.. it's still really cheap.

i've been reading sites about hacking hardware. because i'm a G33K. and taking one peice of hardware and making into something else is fun... i found out how to make a robot head with 2 webcams as eyes, and it follows you with it's eyes, and it's cheap to make... that would be fun.. Freaky but fun... should make it and sit it the front door, and when people come over that i don't like, just open the door so they can see a freaky looking head sitting there, watch everything they do. lol

apart from reading the internet and speand good times with my GF, i built a Media Centre to watch movies on. it's good i'm really getting into my movies now. i have times where i will not watch anymovies for months,... then BOOM... i watch millions... lol i'm crazy like that

i spend alittle time at the local arcade. they got Version 4 of Intial D. my Fav Car Racing game.. it's about driving, it's based on the Anime of the same name! best thing ever....

well i doing some work for a part time job i had about 1 year go tomorrow, they called me up... begging for me to work, as they neeed someone. and they like when i work.. things get done!.

i'm found my video Camera the other day, so i'm going to start taking lots of videos and photos on it, as next year is going to be a very loooooooong year, my GF is going back to Japan for a year, so i thought i better start making videos, and stuff... and that i can video tape while she is not here, ans send her Updates! as i will not be able to get over there alot.

i found out that the Japanese do not hug in public. its crazy! i love hugs, i give my GF a hug all the time, but when i'm in Japan i can't because it's not normal to see people hug in Public, and no Kissing!!!! but i heard that holding hands is ok..

when i'm over in Japan again *i visited Japan 5 Years Ago** i would like to visit the Host Family i had while i was over there, i have not spoken to them since i was over there and i feel really bad about that, and i have asked mt GF to help me write a letter to them, which she said she would. which is good as they are the best people in the world! very nice people! YAY.

as i sit here on the bed i'm slowing running out of things to write! I'm sorry, i know that i have not updated in a while and i want to tell you alot but there is not alot that i have done.

i=oh... i'm teaching my old mentor from work how to play DotA **(Warcraft 3 Custom Map)** Which is good, i love that game, it's my Fav game on the PC gaming world! i'm not sure what Game on the Console is my Fav! because i don't play to much console games!

i need to read more! i have alot of books, and i have read the 1st chapter from each book, but i have not finshed a book in like 6 Years, so i should read more, and then i might not run out of things to tell you...

i really wanna go back down the coast! but it's not hot enough to go down an swim, a few more months and i think it will be...

WOW i have wrote alot. so i'll leave and save some more for another post!

Peace Out!!!! Enjoy Life, I Am....

Jason. Th3. G33K.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Late Update

Guys and Ladies and for the random dog reading my blog, i'm sorry for not updating my blog as much as i would like, to tell you the turth i never know what to write,

i'll start by telling you my new job is good, i got my first pay check and that was good, but 4 day's after having i spend all my money, Cuz i went to the COAST... YAY

the coast was alittle cold, but i was with my girl, so it was great, she's the best.
and i also had my best mate Josh, with me, he is great fun.. while we were walking along the beach on the sunday before we left, he jumped in to the water... FREAK... it was too cold to go swimming,

i was going down to relax, which i did, but i wanted to do so much to, as i have not been down the coast for 2.5Yrs, but i ran out of money, so i did not do everything i wanted to do, but when it's warmer i'm taking my Girl down the coast again.. i want to take her to the Zoo, but i know we are going to Newcastle soon which i hope she still wants to come...

apart from that i have not done much, i get to see my baby everyday.. YAY.. and listen to music

oh i have a broken tooth that is hurting very much, and soon it will have to be fix, but i ran out of money so i could not get it fixed... but next week is pay day again, and i'm goign to get it looked at

well i'm off to get a cuppa, so i'll let you go do yor stuff to...

Jason. Th3. G33K

Sunday, June 10, 2007

1 Week Later

Well it's been 1 week since i updated my blog and started my job. i've been kinda busy
Work had me on training for stuff that i already knew, but they still send me on training, they wasted money.. well i now have a work desk that is mine, and i have 2 computers on it, and have put a model of my 2nd fav car on the desk a AE86 baby.. i'm trying to find a very nice model of a Honda S2000. (my fav car). and i have been busy fixing other peoples computer and genereal visits to see people.. most my girlfriend. lol, but she was away this weekend, and i was unsure of what to do.

so i ended up going to a mates house on saturday night and having a few beers and letting $160 worth of fireworks off , which one of them hit me in the leg and then went off with a bang, it hurt my eyes and my ears but mostly my leg.. i hurt but was kinda funny, my mate did not set it up right, and just before that happened, one went onto the road, and went off as a car drove past, the car got hit with pretty lights... it was fun, but could have been better if my girlfriend was there. she went away for the long weekend..

it's 11:40pm and i'm still up fixing computers and cleaning, i should goto bed soon, as i'm spending the day with my GF, but i have no money or petrol so i'm unsure of what to do.... (you will soon learn that i never have petrol ++ but that is going to change, it has too)

well i'm sorry to tell you this but i think i should finsh what i'm cleaning and then goto bed..

Night Night

Jason. Th3. G33K

Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Job

Well it's Sunday... i start my new job tomoz... Scared... but i hope to do my best. Its a chage from being a Onsite techie. to a helpdesk.... weird thing is... that i'll get paid a lot more... YAY.. :-)
but it should be good... i should start saving money too... i spend alot of money... speaking of money
i'm typing on my new Laptop. it's a Toshiba.. i was over trying to fix my other laptop. it crashed 2 times everyday... if i was lucky it would crash more... lol.. not lucky

i'm not really sure what to write...

well last night was fun... i cooked dinnerfor my Girl... i never cook.. she helped with the cooking. (sweetie i hope it was good!) then we went out to civic... we spend afew hours playing Pool... She's so much better now.. i have trouble vs'ing her now... but i did win.... one game...

Well.. i must go talk to my girl some more before i goto sleep to ge ready for my new job...
Wish Me Luck....

Jason. Th3. G33K

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well at this very moment. i'm bored. cold and alone. yes my family are in the same house. but i'm still alone......

Today was the slowest day of my life. and i was not at work.. i was working from home, i have 3 Computers to fix. and one to build.... i have built the 1 and fixed one.. but i need to fix the other 2... but not tonight. i'm so over fixing for the day.

all i want to do s chat to my girl. yeah my girl.

About feelings last night, i was unsure of what she really thinks of me... but i think it's clear now.

well i'm got no bed ATM. i get to sleep on the floor... with a sleeping bag. YAY that's fun. it's so bloody Cold. just like camping.

Well next month i'm going down the coast. FISHING YAY. i'm going for the weekend. FISHING FISHING. FISHING. oh and shopping.... i'm not really a fan of shopping but i have to love shopping down the coast, YAY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY..

Well i'm going to watch a little TV and talk to my Girl.

For Now Peace Out

Jason. Th3. G33k.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scared.. Scared Of What

Well tonigth was so good i had nothing to be scared of. they are very nice people..
they answer a few questions about things. but also put in more questions. and so now i'm at a lost.

i guess it's really hard for people to tell other people what they really feel. and i'm getting that feeling now... well that's me right now.' i don't know if i'm sad or happy..

But dinner was good. i had a few beers and walked and talked..... so over all it was Fun.... x.x

well i must go back to replying to emails

Have Fun

Jason. Th3. G33k.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Awake... Can't sleep

Well it's 1:40Am here for me...

I was asleep... Dreaming. Now I'm awake. Why? My mother woke me.. i had to go with my Father to the store that we own. because the Alarm when off. at 1:00am. Damn Alarm. now i can get back to sleep.. and there was nothing wrong at the store.. but it's good there was nothing wrong. it's just i was enjoying the dream i was having... but it's that good that i can't remember. i just know that i was enjoying it.

Well i thought that now that i'm awake and will not get back to sleep. that i would update my blog.. and start downloading some useless funny stuff.

man i have so much work to do. but i don't know where to start. so i geuss i'll start with the easy ones first. lol.....

Anyway Today is the day i met my Girls Friends... Scared... :-(
should be ok. but i still scared.

Anyway I'll update my Blog when i''m less tried.

Jason. Th3. G33k.