Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Late Update

Guys and Ladies and for the random dog reading my blog, i'm sorry for not updating my blog as much as i would like, to tell you the turth i never know what to write,

i'll start by telling you my new job is good, i got my first pay check and that was good, but 4 day's after having i spend all my money, Cuz i went to the COAST... YAY

the coast was alittle cold, but i was with my girl, so it was great, she's the best.
and i also had my best mate Josh, with me, he is great fun.. while we were walking along the beach on the sunday before we left, he jumped in to the water... FREAK... it was too cold to go swimming,

i was going down to relax, which i did, but i wanted to do so much to, as i have not been down the coast for 2.5Yrs, but i ran out of money, so i did not do everything i wanted to do, but when it's warmer i'm taking my Girl down the coast again.. i want to take her to the Zoo, but i know we are going to Newcastle soon which i hope she still wants to come...

apart from that i have not done much, i get to see my baby everyday.. YAY.. and listen to music

oh i have a broken tooth that is hurting very much, and soon it will have to be fix, but i ran out of money so i could not get it fixed... but next week is pay day again, and i'm goign to get it looked at

well i'm off to get a cuppa, so i'll let you go do yor stuff to...

Jason. Th3. G33K


jun said...

I still want to go to Newcastle!!
I like the time which i spend with you.
I wanna go back to the coast as well.
It was fun.
I want to spend thime with you more...:-)

Also I hope your thooth is all right.

龍司 said...

hey man u kno what, im really happy that u guys are doing really well so far :)