Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well at this very moment. i'm bored. cold and alone. yes my family are in the same house. but i'm still alone......

Today was the slowest day of my life. and i was not at work.. i was working from home, i have 3 Computers to fix. and one to build.... i have built the 1 and fixed one.. but i need to fix the other 2... but not tonight. i'm so over fixing for the day.

all i want to do s chat to my girl. yeah my girl.

About feelings last night, i was unsure of what she really thinks of me... but i think it's clear now.

well i'm got no bed ATM. i get to sleep on the floor... with a sleeping bag. YAY that's fun. it's so bloody Cold. just like camping.

Well next month i'm going down the coast. FISHING YAY. i'm going for the weekend. FISHING FISHING. FISHING. oh and shopping.... i'm not really a fan of shopping but i have to love shopping down the coast, YAY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY..

Well i'm going to watch a little TV and talk to my Girl.

For Now Peace Out

Jason. Th3. G33k.


jun said...

I'm looking foward to going coast!!
Let's catch fish bigger than me. lol.
I like fishing.
i think the coast must be fun!!

Jason said...

Jason -> Jun
i'm looking forward to the coast as well. Fishing.the coast is always fun.