Friday, May 25, 2007

Awake... Can't sleep

Well it's 1:40Am here for me...

I was asleep... Dreaming. Now I'm awake. Why? My mother woke me.. i had to go with my Father to the store that we own. because the Alarm when off. at 1:00am. Damn Alarm. now i can get back to sleep.. and there was nothing wrong at the store.. but it's good there was nothing wrong. it's just i was enjoying the dream i was having... but it's that good that i can't remember. i just know that i was enjoying it.

Well i thought that now that i'm awake and will not get back to sleep. that i would update my blog.. and start downloading some useless funny stuff.

man i have so much work to do. but i don't know where to start. so i geuss i'll start with the easy ones first. lol.....

Anyway Today is the day i met my Girls Friends... Scared... :-(
should be ok. but i still scared.

Anyway I'll update my Blog when i''m less tried.

Jason. Th3. G33k.

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