Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm A Geek

ok i said it. i'm a geek. but i'm crazy too. which makes me fun i think.

well life is a little crazy for me, i love to party... and love spending money..

there is not alot i do other then that. but i did get a new job. which means i can pay of my debt faster and go partying more. and take my special girl out more...... she does not like me spend to much money on her. but i do not mind.. she is worth it.. after all she makes me happy.

the other day i took her out for dinner. and i was so happy. and she said she enjoyed dinner. we went up to telstra tower and looked at canberra with all the lights. it was pretty. then we sat on the lake. it's was nice. but a little cold.

well i never know what to write in these things, so i'm just kinda letting my fingers do the talking, and what i type is it.

My Brother and his wife had there second child yesturday, baby boy. it makes me happy.
i want to be a dad one day (no not now). i think it's nice to have a family. *When i'm older*

Well i must get food soon... i'm so hungry.

i hate working 3 jobs never enough to do anything... busy. That is why i'm up late partying.
i should slow down. and enjoy what is close to me... and that is what i'm doing now. but i'm still going to goto loads of partys. i'm hoping to goto Newcastle in a few months, with a friend that lived that. Party and Shopping..

Well i'm off to get food.
so i'll post again soon.

Jason. Th3. G33k


jun said...

I'm really happy that you have fun when you are with me.
i want to spend more time with you...

龍司 said...

WOW ur bro and his wife(my god, i kno their names but i cant correctly spell them) had a second child!!
im also happy to hear that X-)
so whaz his name?
n y ar u calling urself "geek" these days?lol

Jason said...

Jason -> Jun
Thankyou. i love spending time with you..

Jason said...

Jason -> Ryuji

Baby's Name is Kyle Ryan
and i call myself a geek because i feel that i am a geek.